Homeopathic Medicine

Dr Divya Nair BHMS,MARH

I am Dr Divya Nair BHMS MARH, a registered Homeopath in the UK [Membership no:-M282]. I started my medical practice in October 2013 after completing 4 years of Bachelor's degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from Kerala University, India.
Glad Homeocare clinic is situated in Crawley, West Sussex,U.K. which offers consultations both in-person and online (WhatsApp and Zoom).
Appointments are available from Monday to Saturday. 
I am an easily approachable, empathetic person and a good listener, easy to talk to and happy to help.

Why should you choose homeopathy?

  • Homeopathy is one of the best alternative treatments that can be administered alongside conventional treatments without any adverse effects.

  • Homeopathy focuses on long term holistic healing.

  • It is natural and safe.

  • It strengthens your immune system and prevents illnesses.

Consultation Time

Monday - Friday 10am-12pm

Saturday               10am-6pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays - Closed